Fabulous at Forty?

This is me about 20 or so years ago:






And this is me now, as nature intended (because I’ve decided that nature wants me to be windswept All. The. Time. so there’s no point fighting her. Bitch.).

I wouldn’t go back to being that 18? 19? year old for any money. This skin may be older but I’m a hell of a lot more comfortable in it. So, as milestones go, this one doesn’t feel as significant as I thought it would. But then, isn’t that the way with life? The big stuff is never announced by a full orchestra and appropriate lighting, it happens while you’re washing up or in the middle of buying groceries.

I’m spending my birthday surrounded by packed boxes, about to move house again. I couldn’t have put together a more apposite metaphor for my life if I’d tried! Tomorrow is moving day itself. For now, I’m about to brew up, open the chocolate biscuits and read Persuasion.


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I've run out of books. Again.

10 thoughts on “Fabulous at Forty?”

  1. Happy birthday fabulous lady! Oh and by coincidink Persuasion just arrived at my door, as I’m about to reread it.

  2. you look stunning! Then but especially now! Sometimes I despair about the changes in my face but MOST of the time I am proud of them. You look just gorgeous!

  3. I so agree with all you’ve said…I wouldn’t be 18 again if you paid me millions. My skin actually looks better for which I’m very grateful, LOL. I hope you properly celebrated even if you were surrounded by boxes on the big day, and I can’t wait to see photos of your new kittens.

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