I went to Connecticut and I…

  • Stayed with the wonderful Zoesmom, and was chauffered around like royalty by her and Rob, while Zoe mocked my accent
  • Had a terrific birthday party, hosted by above wondrous hosts and attended by wondrous friends, bearing lovely gifts
  • Ate many, many doughnuts and can now add my voice to the recommendations of Neal’s Doughnuts in Wallingford. Or is that ‘donuts’?
  • Went down one side of Main Street and up the other, with a white hot credit card in hand
  • Got a much needed manicure and pedicure
  • Felt like I was home, and realised I need a job with a 70-30 UK-US split. Or similar.
  • Had pizza and prosecco at Fat Cat Pie. Yum.
  • Was sorry that Emily was ill and couldn’t join us in the shopping frenzy.
  • Stocked up on Pepperidge Farm Chessmen and Trader Joe’s peanut butter filled pretzels; but forgot the DD coffee, damn it!
Basically, about 10 minutes after arriving at Marcy’s it was as though I’d never been away. Still, it is clearly stupid and nonsensical to wait more than a year between US trips, when a chunk of my life is still over there. That was a good thing to remember.

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I've run out of books. Again.

2 thoughts on “I went to Connecticut and I…”

  1. It was a fantastic visit. I am afraid that at Neal’s they are called “donuts” but since they taste so good, they can call them whatever they want in my book. Let’s definitely not wait another year plus between visits. You are always welcome at my house. xoxo

  2. I just can’t remember that spelling! I am already working on my next trip, but I have to work some donuts off first…

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