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As we all know, I have the attention span of, yeah, whatever, and new is important to me. So, after kicking my heels for like, totally FOREVER in the same role at work, I’m mostly just enormously relieved to be doing something a bit different. One of the reasons I’m not committing to blogging every day is that the new role is a secondment, working with the US office, and as of next week, I’m changing my working hours to 11-7 to fit in better with East Coast time. New boss, new office, new hours and a requirement that I do a good amount of travel to the US on the company dime (look for me early December). Excuse me while I pour libations (down my neck) and burn a sacrificial log on the fire. Also, my new boss used to be a colleague of mine and so already knows about my attitude problem and lack of respect for authority, which saves us both from having to go through the learning curve.

Of course, I have grand ideas about being tremendously efficient in the morning, continuing to get up in the middle of the night because the kittens are all ‘Starving, feed us, we’ve never had any food, not ever!’, probably doing yoga every day, certainly getting all the chores out of the way, popping a delicious, nutritious something in the Rayburn before I saunter along to the office after rush hour. Place your bets, ladies and gents, place your bets…

In any case, the routine is shaken up and that’s a good thing. Without any shape to my day I do nothing but read and drink tea, and sometimes that’s ok. But the diurnal repetition of 9-5 grinds me down, so a differently shaped day will be interesting to adjust to. As for the job itself, more project management, but in a trouble shooting capacity. The need for which can be clearly identified by the fact that I’m on a 6 month secondment to a project that has 7 months to run.


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2 thoughts on “New stuff”

  1. Oh my, you mean you might be in NY in early December, and I might be able to make up for missing you last month (a tragedy!) when you were here? Please, do provide details. Meanwhile, I am so glad you’ve got something new In the work place, for a while anyway, until you (yet again, as anyone with a brain like yours always does) get bored. Don’t talk to me about Big Plans with New Hours. I always make them (God, do I make them!) and then find myself doing completely stupid things like thinking, “Oh well, I don’t have to be at work till 11:00 tomorrow, so why not stay up till 2:00 a.m to finish this book?”

  2. “Everything flows, nothing stands still.” Some of us just flow more rapidly than others 🙂 I’m please for you! And, of course, can’t wait to see you in December!

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