Five books meme

Most recently seen at Reading Fuelled by Tea. I am bowing to meme pressure.

1. The book I’m currently reading

I’m not, I finished a book last night and don’t know what will be next. Although, I’m still dipping into William Hazlitt’s Selected Writings occasionally, so that could be considered work in progress.

2. The last book I finished

A Village Affair, by Joanna Trollope. I bought it yesterday, specifically to read it last night as a bridge between The Prime Minister by Anthony Trollope, and The Man Who Loved Children by Christina Stead. I liked it, and it did exactly what I wanted, which was to provide a light evening read that was yet not fluffy and banal.

3. The next book I want to read

Sleeping Beauty, by Elizabeth Taylor. It seems as though every time I go into a book shop there’s another Taylor that I’ve never even heard of. The early gloss of my enthusiasm for her has worn off a little, because a couple of them have been disappointing. But the balance is still in her favour, so I’m willing to keep trying.

4. The last book I bought

I bought both A Village Affair and Sleeping Beauty last night. I’ve run out of TBRs again, so I’m buying to read immediately. Well, ok, I do have The Duke’s Children somewhere, and I have to pick up The Guermantes Way again. But two books does not a TBR pile make!

5. The last book someone gave me

Was Zone One by Colson Whitehead, a birthday present from Rebecca and Hobgoblin. I have a half-drafted blog post about it that I must get back to, although I don’t think I’ll be adding anything to the pot of reviews already out there. I liked it. I’m still thinking about it, and wondering ‘Why a literary zombie novel?’ And then running right up against, ‘Well, why not?’

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I've run out of books. Again.

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