I got better

But, blimey, now that I am better I can look back at the haze of the last 10 days or so and realise that I was quite sick indeed, with a full on cold that left me sleepless night after night. I can’t say I remember much of it, because all my days have been coated in maximum dosages of Beecham’s or Day Nurse. Stick with Day Nurse is my advice, the caffeine in the Beecham’s generated unfocused jitters that left me feeling anxious I hadn’t done some unknown things that I was too ill to do anyway. Yes, it’s been Fun Times at Musings Hall. Christmas happened, I know it did because I have an empty champagne bottle and some opened presents to prove it. But don’t ask me about the details.

Meanwhile, I hope everyone was off having merry Christmi and happy holidays of whatever kind. Also, that none of your kittens (real or metaphorical) got stuck up a tree. (That was Belle, Christmas afternoon to Boxing Day morning. She’s fine.)

Now that I can face the world again, I don’t quite remember what that means. What do I do with my days? I have a couple left in which to figure it out, before the toad work returns again on Friday, and in a timely moment of pathetic fallacy, the sun is even breaking through the clouds. Perhaps I will start by going to buy more tea.


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3 thoughts on “I got better”

  1. I’m sorry you’ve been poorly! How horrible. When bad colds strike, I head for aromatherapy and burn pine oils to clear heads and lime to soothe throats. Also, if you cut out all dairy products, you will be mucus-free much, much quicker. If you can bear it, some gentle stretching exercises will help encourage your liver to keep working and process the infection. I can’t bear any of the over-the-counter medicines as they all make me feel nauseous, which is NOT what I want on top of everything else! But very glad to hear you are better now.

  2. girl, I completely missed Christmas this year too due to bronchitis…it’s taken me eleven days to even begin surfacing and I’m still nowhere near 100 percent. Here’s to both of us starting off the new year on a *much* healthier foot!

  3. Litlove – I love the idea of pine oil and lime! I’m definitely making a note of that for next time. And you are right, of course, about the dairy and the stretching, and I knew that and did none of it. Why?!

    Courtney – Oh no, and bronchitis is much worse than a cold. Sorry you missed Christmas, and I’ll second that!

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