Objects of want

Yesterday, in a significant step forward, I finally banished the suitcases from my bedroom. All the clothes they used to hold are now neatly contained in baskets on the Victorian buffet that I bought instead of a chest-of-drawers, because I couldn’t find a chest-of-drawers I liked.

What I bought 'cos all drawers were horrid.

(This, by the by, is why it’s so hard for me to make progress in sorting out the house. I’ve got very specific ideas and I won’t compromise [shocker, right? 😉 ]. But then, that is partly because I have years of compromise purchases behind me: can’t afford that, get this; one of us likes that, one of us likes this, get that other that we’re both indifferent to; need something now and can’t find the right thing, oh, this’ll do. These days, if it’s not right, I don’t buy it, which is why I was partly living out of suitcases for 3 months.)

So, now I have a lot more space in the bedroom, which I will most likely fill with a bookcase. Until that is decided, I’m giving serious consideration to a hot pink chaise longue.

The day my 7forallmankind jeans developed a hole in them was a day of tragedy. I’ve wanted a new pair ever since but cannot, cannot bring myself to spend 20o pounds on a pair of jeans.

I want them, though. Oh, how I want them. You know how it is when you find the perfect pair of jeans, and however much you try all others are just slightly wrong? That.

Then there’s shoes. Well, of course there are, where did you think you were? To be honest, the shoe and bag shopping in England is fucking terrible, and for the most part I don’t bother looking. It’s either cheap and nasty or to die for but megabucks.

These, though, are just about in the ballpark of what I could conceivably pay. The picture’s not great, but that is red and gold right there. Adorbs, right?

I also have my eye on this dress. I’ve looked at it a couple of times in the store and I definitely like it. But, it’s a big step away from my ‘Do you have that in black?’ wardrobe and I’m not at all sure about wearing colour.

On the other hand, everything is so drab at the moment (the sky, the weather, the landscape) that some brightness somewhere would be very welcome. What do you think?

Author: musingsfromthesofa

I've run out of books. Again.

8 thoughts on “Objects of want”

  1. Get the dress; get the shoes; get that AWESOME chaise. O hell! Get the damn jeans too.

    I’ve been looking for a proper dresser for about 15 years. Baskets work. I just wish I had a lovely Victorian buffet to store them, rather than the closet shelves in 3 different rooms.

  2. ZM – Thinking about new jeans from the US. Can’t get the shoes now, bought boots instead. And therefore had to take the dress back.

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