Tuesday shoesday

The weather at the weekend was so warm that it made me genuinely believe in Spring. Besides, the birds are busy in the garden, a vase of freesias is opening on the window ledge and clusters of snowdrops are nestling in sun-dappled woodlands.

All of which means that one day soon it will be possible to leave the house without wearing boots, so it’s time to step up the search for new ballet flats. I would not have believed it was so difficult to find a pair, but even Macy’s failed me. Back to England’s three shoe shops to see what they’ve got on offer.

From which, behold this rose-gold option from LK Bennett. I’d like metallic as a good neutral option, and while gold can be too, well, gold, the rose-gold tone softens that up a bit.

For a similar take on the same idea, Jigsaw’s pewter pump with black trim and toe cap is a little more subdued. Maybe slightly classier than the rose-gold? I’d have to see them in person to judge.

Finally, I love the punched out holes and slightly retro feel of these black and white flats from Hobbs, too. I don’t think they’d be as versatile as the metallics, but they’d be cute with jeans or skinny chinos (also on the list for spring), or maybe a dress. Hmmm. And, they are right in my colour spectrum of black.

Author: musingsfromthesofa

I've run out of books. Again.

5 thoughts on “Tuesday shoesday”

  1. I’ve got a Clarks pair that are very similar to the Jigsaw pair, and they are indeed very versatile. Mind you, I think there is a case to be made for buying all three pairs….*even more enabling*

  2. I think the first pair are the most versatile, but if it were me I’d buy the black & white pair. Or possibly both. Nice choices all though.

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