Pictures of you

‘Cos fer, some time on Friday I made a Cure reference on Facebook, and was then reminded me of Disintegration, which I ‘kin’ loved back in 1989 (Nineteen. Eighty. Nine. Holy crap.) So, I iTunesed it on the instant, and you know what? I ‘kin’ love it now too.

I then spent a long time watching Cure videos on YouTube, and now I need to got a whole lot heavier on the eyeliner.


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I've run out of books. Again.

2 thoughts on “Pictures of you”

  1. Well, apparently, this video has not been made available in my country, according to the nasty little line that runs across my screen when I try to play it. Another point for GB and another against USA (the two countries continue to run neck-and-neck). But the Cure. Ahh! I love the Cure.

  2. Oh pooh. That happens to me all the time, though, a lot of stuff gets blocked.

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