Pictures of you

‘Cos fer, some time on Friday I made a Cure reference on Facebook, and was then reminded me of Disintegration, which I ‘kin’ loved back in 1989 (Nineteen. Eighty. Nine. Holy crap.) So, I iTunesed it on the instant, and you know what? I ‘kin’ love it now too.

I then spent a long time watching Cure videos on YouTube, and now I need to got a whole lot heavier on the eyeliner.


2 thoughts on “Pictures of you

  1. Emily Barton

    Well, apparently, this video has not been made available in my country, according to the nasty little line that runs across my screen when I try to play it. Another point for GB and another against USA (the two countries continue to run neck-and-neck). But the Cure. Ahh! I love the Cure.

  2. musingsfromthesofa Post author

    Oh pooh. That happens to me all the time, though, a lot of stuff gets blocked.

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