Quick round up from the Land of Crazy:

1. The NHS got privatised, apparently without anyone noticing and certainly without any of the major news organisations *cough BBC cough* bothering to report it. This is a huge, huge deal and it means that something has gone incredibly, unbelievably wrong right at the centre of government. I can’t even blame only the Tories, it’s a cross-party fail of such epic proportions that I literally don’t even know where to begin. How did this happen? How? It is such a sickening piece of work that I’d have to invent an entire new vocabulary before I could find sufficient terms of vilification for those responsible.

2. The budget dropped the 50p tax rate for the nauseatingly wealthy. The rich playing nice with the rich, no surprise there. On the same day as the budget was announced, and allegedly as a direct result, Smith Glaxo Kline announced new investment in the UK. Yeah, because international corporations make quick decisions like that without months of negotiation direct with government and generous back handers being paid. And if you believe that, I have this really big clock I can sell you.

3. The government warned of possible fuel shortages if there’s a hauliers’ strike. Which there isn’t, but there might be. This led directly to panic buying and so became a self-fulfilling prophecy. There is now a fuel shortage.

4. George Galloways romps home as in independent candidate in the Bradford West by-election, stealing a safe Labour seat by some 10,000 votes. You know why? Because Tory and Labour parties are both failing. Because the Lib Dems are a voiceless spent force. Because, despite the fact that the country cannot, simply cannot be left in the hands of the people currently in charge, there is no viable alternative. None.

5. And with all this going, major news outlets *cough BBC cough* are concentrating on reporting on the increased price of a pasty.

We get the government we deserve, we get the media we deserve, and if the two are hand in glove, it’s because no one is paying enough attention. Is anyone else feeling guilty round about now? Because I am. Guilty for not being interested; guilty for thinking that the grown ups would fix things. Guilty (and stupid) for thinking that elected MPs might know what the fuck they’re on about and make informed decisions.

In the areas of my life where I directly encounter layers of management inhabited by people who are supposed to know more than I do, I wait for them to walk the walk before giving them any respect. The result is that I don’t have a lot of respect for anyone in management. I should have extended that lesson years ago, but I wasn’t paying attention. I got the government I deserved.


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3 thoughts on “WTF”

  1. I think even if people are paying attention they’re struggling to work out how to do anything about things right now (at least I know I am). My vote won’t make a difference because all the parties seem to want to fuck the country up in a variety of ways and voting at any kind of election for me is now out of necessity a depressing game of ‘who do I think is the least bigotted’ rather than ‘who do I think can run the country best/better than those other twats’. Consumer protest is difficult right now and can it even work in long term ways? No one seems quite sure. Other kinds of protest are derided and kept from making an impact. It’s really difficult to do much that appears to even create a foundation for change and there’s almost too much now that’s so close to home, that it’s hard to absorb and keep your eye on everything (while also keeping an eye on affairs abroad).

    But listen to me winge – we have to keep on, even though sometimes we’re not quite sure what we’re keeping on with. Government and mainstream media = HUGE FAIL at the moment. The BBC for all its trumpeted unbiased content is a mess of selection and tone. And the fact that The Guardian is considered the most progressive newspaper in our country show there is a lot more than could be done in the newspaper world. It’s easy to get disheartened when you don’t work in these industries and can’t MAKE then change, but I did read this fascinating piece about The Daily Mail today though, which shows that someone is watching everything these people do:

  2. Jodie – Thanks for such a thoughtful and sensible response to my rantings. It’s the lack of knowing what to do that is so frustrating, because you are right that protest doesn’t have an impact. But there has to be a way forward, if for no other reason that history doesn’t sit still. So this too shall pass.

  3. It’s a sad indictment of the democratic process when political idealism is subsumed by sleaze, expediency, and shameful hypocrisy; fuelled by a media that panders to a culture of ignorance and indolence and selfishness. Electoral apathy against a background of increasing social tension and violence will give government every excuse to paint even reasonable political opposition as militant and dangerous extremism. Divisive policies exacerbating social injustice, passed under the cloak of economic necessity but rewarding the few at the expense of the many, increase the injustice inherent in the failing capitalist system. So we drift towards a dysfunctional and repressive state, mired in economic stagnation and trapped between the irresolvable polars of unachievable growth and a collapsing social fabric. You’re welcome to the twenty-first century.

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