Kittens rule

And I don’t just mean that in some general, ‘kittens are great’ kind of way. I mean it in a ‘resigned acceptance of the fact that someone is in charge around here but I’m pretty sure it’s not me’ sense. I don’t even really mind, because at least they rule with a velvet paw rather than a vicious claw.

  1. I got an Amazon package today. It contained kitten food.
  2. The sitting room floor was strewn with feathers when I got home. I vacuumed, and then gave the kittens treats, because hey, feathers are a BIG step up from entrails and half eaten mouse heads.
  3. When I have a water glass and Belle starts sniffing at it, I tip it to the right angle so she can drink the water.
  4. They have wrecked my laundry basket by using it a scratching post; at least I can just get new covers for the sofa.
  5. When Belle bats her toy under the fridge, I’ll get up and fish it out again. Repeatedly. On the same note, if either of them decides something is a toy (pegs, corks, Christmas ribbon, pens) I just let them have it because it’s so much fun to watch them playing.
  6. I will pretty much stop whatever I’m doing to pet the kittens when they ask for attention. This is because Belle delivers an imperious ‘Miaow’ and then flops over to have her tummy tickled; Charlie squeaks plaintively. Both approaches are completely irresistible, and anyway, the only time I’ve ever in a hurry is when I’m getting ready for work. Kittens or work? Like that’s even a question.
  7. My duvet cover has a subtle pattern of paw prints on it. ‘No kittens in the bedroom’ I said. Yeah, right.
  8. I find myself saying, without irony, ‘That’s a lovely mouse, Charlie, now take it outside’.
  9. Both the kittens like sitting on windowsills, so I’ve made space for them. Also, I cleared a route to one of them.
  10. I had a cat flap fitted in my front door. The price of the cat flap was 90 quid. The price of a replacement door, on the other hand,  is estimated at 675.



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6 thoughts on “Kittens rule”

  1. LOL! I like how your cats are making you clear space for them, and how they take over everything. Our two cats often knock things over in the children’s room to wake people up. We find their stuffed toys dragged all over the house. My new laptop is covered in cat hair because Rose insists on sitting as close to the keyboard and rub against the top as often as she can. And yet, they have this adorable purr and the mold themselves to whatever lap or arm is handy 🙂

  2. We just rescued a cat from in front of the state legislative office building where I work (temp job) and Chris works (full-time job). She’s cat #3, and has completely taken over, along with my other two. Lexy is only about 10 months old, and has dragged out all the toys the other cats were bored with. The mice are scattered all over the house, as are the foil balls, the ribbons, the bird feather toy. But she’s happy so that’s all that matters!

    I found that you had tagged me for a meme, and posted my answers on my blog tonight. It was fun — thanks!!

  3. Susan – I just lift the laptop out of the way now, otherwise the cats walk across it. It’s got muddy pawprints on it too!

    Debby – I saw about your rescue cat, what a great story. I know what you mean about the toys, everywhere although mine have given up on them now in favour of real mice. Thanks for doing the meme!

  4. Here was an interesting new one for me today. “Crash!” I hear, ominously, somewhere in the house. “What are you doing, Bernie?” I ask (because Francis never “crashes” anything, being too busy trying to find THE best place in the house to sleep for 24 hours straight, when he’s not, that is, trying to drink my glasses of water a la Belle). I discover that the “crash” was a beautiful little, hand-painted candle globe I got for Bob a few years back. Its attacker was busy staring, astonished, at the shattered pieces all over the floor. “Oh well, that’s what happens when you have cats,” I said calmly (yes, out loud. We do start talking out loud more than ever when kittens rule, don’t we?”) as I swept the broken pieces into the dust pan.

    We won’t even talk about adding the dachshund puppy to the mix, who just loves the fact that “little brother” Bernie bats pens off tables so she can go at them and leave ink stains all over the floors.

  5. ZM – Yes, be grateful for the lack of entrails next time Zoe is driving you nuts!

    Emily – Yes, it’s amazing the things one is willing to take for granted with pets. I have confiscated so many pens from the kittens. Sometimes I’m tempted to leave them to it, but then – yes, the fear of ink stains on the carpet.

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