Shiny new thing

You guys! I have a new job!  I am finally shifting away from working for a publishing company and towards the more tech side of things, where the new stuff happens, and it’s very exciting. Also, I have accidentally made a potentially sensible career move that does not entail relocation. Who knew that was possible?

So in mid-July I will be off to work for a publishing services company as a Customer Strategist, which basically entails helping publishers figure out their digital publishing strategy. Or, as I think of it, solving lots of different problems for different people, rather than the same problems over and over and over again. I like the new company a lot, and they’ve been good to me so far. Ages ago, I read a blog post that said how an organisation treats you during interview is a good indicator of how they’ll treat you as an employee (I can’t find the link but it’s somewhere on Ask a Manager). Holy crap, did that turn out to be on the money, and I was watchful this time round. This company has contacted me when they said they would, kept me informed, made prompt decisions, upped the money, and been generally respectful and welcoming. Otherwise, I’d have turned them down.

The only slight downside is that I’ll be back to working regular 9-5.30 hours, which opens up terrific new opportunities for spending a lot of time in traffic, while knocking morning baking entirely off the agenda. But that’s minor. I get my evenings back, and now that it’s light until almost 10pm, I’m more inclined to do something with them. I even went into the bike shop today and discussed panniers, because if it’s going to take forever to get to work, I might as well bike it.

The whole new-job-while-staying-in-Oxford thing feels right. I like it. I’m getting some change while simultaneously settling in more at the cottage, and I don’t even feel restless. If I dared, I might whisper the word ‘stability’…


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10 thoughts on “Shiny new thing”

  1. Congratulations! New job? Good news. New job that doesn’t also involve Huge Move? Fantastic news!

  2. Congratulations!!! Still in publishing, and you don’t have to move. It sounds really good, and even better that you feel like you are settling into your cottage. Are you happy to be back in England?

  3. congratulations! what great news. Your new job sounds awesome and I would love to hear more about it if you are allowed to blog about it as time moves forward. I am looking at ways to transition my skills to a different field so I would love to hear how you did so!

  4. Hi everyone, and thanks for the good wishes!

    Asia – thanks for stopping by the blog

    Susan – I love being back in England, but I get the best of both worlds because I have two homes now. I was in the US last week and back in CT at the weekend, and that felt like home as well.

    Courtney – Am happy to chat on email if you want? beccul at hotmail dot com will find me.

    Nicola – Seriously. I’ve already overspent the extra income…

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