Tuesday shoesday

Enough of this pseudo-highbrow reading nonsense, and on with the fluff. Shoes! Although I do have the best ever Wonder Woman Converse to keep me happy at the moment, courtesy of the amazing Zoesmom. But hey, as with men, you may be perfectly happy with the one on your arm but there’s no damage done by checking out a little eye candy, right?

So – pink shoes. One day, I will actually buy a pair of pink shoes (although this month I bought this jacket instead), but until that happy day I will just gaze, longingly. I can’t help feeling, though, that the current weather would be ruinous for pink suede and it is therefore not a practical choice. You know me, I’m all about the practical.

These, on the other hand, strike me as a good two to three season shoe. Which makes them both practical and desirable. Like George Clooney. Except, you know, practical.

But really, since this is eye candy time, why mess about on the high street? Which brings me to these little darlings, to which I have quite lost my heart even though I know that they will never, ever be mine. Wait, are we back at George Clooney? Anyway, behold the glory of Louboutin! I love the colour, but I also love the way the trademark red sole pops on these. Dammit, where is that winning lottery ticket when you need it?

Author: musingsfromthesofa

I've run out of books. Again.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday shoesday”

  1. The pink shoes are absolutely lovely. I could wear them with no problem, weather-wise, here these days. Then again, I live in the middle of farm country. Even if I keep to parking lots and cement paths, I’m going to look sort of out of place. Seems I need to buy the shoes and then find some place to wear them. I know: London! Yes, a winning lottery ticket would be nice.

  2. Emily – Go with the London plan and I will guarantee to find you somewhere appropriate for the shoes. Hell, go with the London plan and I’ll buy you the shoes!

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