On being rubbish

‘cos things have been a bit quiet around here of late, mostly on account of me starting my new job and having my arse kicked by working 9-5. Seriously. How do you people all manage? More importantly, why are we all working 9-5, hours which make… hang on, let me just double check this… yes, NO FUCKING SENSE AT ALL.

What I particularly hate is the way I can’t get anything done during the week, so my weekend gets freighted with crap like going to the dry cleaners or the post office. This is partly because I now work on Cowley Business Park, which is all to intents and purposes a howling wilderness of despair (the brochure probably says handy for the ring road and the retail park: it amounts to the same thing); but also partly because in the hours that anywhere useful is open, I’m either going to work, at work, or on the way home from work. And it’s Just. Not. Necessary. I work online all the flippin’ time, it doesn’t really matter exactly when I’m emailing as long as there are core hours that overlap sensibly with enough of my colleagues.

My next job (because this is me, and therefore of course there will be a next job) will come with flexible hours, or we aren’t even talking. So there, potential future employers!

Anyway. Other than that general disgruntledness, I’ve been tired for the positive reason that I’m enjoying a bit of a learning curve. Every single day something comes up and I don’t immediately know how to deal with it. Sometimes more than one thing. Yay! But by the time I get home, I’m too knackered to do more than open the wine, pop some cheese on some crackers, and eat them mechanically while obsessively reading Twitter, window shopping on the John Lewis website and picking foliage out of the kittens’ tails. (The kittens are 1 year old, bless their paws and noses, and in sober retrospect, getting them was one of the best decisions I ever made.)

I have also sort of started seeing someone… The details are not for public consumption, but I will say that he’s intelligent, articulate, funny, literate, cute, incredibly easy company and makes a good cup of tea. He has been successfully vetted not only by ZoesMom, but by the far more severe and protective ZoesDad. I am made happy in uncomplicated ways, and I will totally take that gift and hold on tight with both hands for as long as I can.

All of which has been distracting me from blogging, chaps, but I do intend to be properly back. Honest!


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6 thoughts on “On being rubbish”

  1. One of the reasons – not the main one, but still highly significant – why I returned to academia was my inability to face 9-5. I absolutely loathed it and would never do it again. So I hear you! The someone sounds very lovely – good for you, hope you get lots of fun out of it.

  2. Litlove – A very wise choice. I grow increasingly desperate to break away from the standard working day, I’d have so much more time. Work doesn’t take 8 hours a day, for a start. And thank you for the good wishes.

  3. I’m with Litlove on flexible academic hours. There are problems that come with flexible hours (I end up working seven days a week a lot of the time…), but still, I plan to never give it up. I hope you find a way to leave the standard working day behind. And seeing someone — fun!! Glad ZoesParents approve 🙂

  4. Heartfelt nods from someone also working 9-5 on a ‘park’ (there’s nothing park like about them and the only cash machine within reach requires you to spend money to get at your money). It’s awful, especially as I’m used to shops being open past 5 because I live close to a shopping centre, but work in a place where everything bangs down the shutters on the dot.

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