Literary collective nouns

Again with the Twitter inspiration, this time a chat with @Sophie_Gee. She is thinking about her first foray into Trollope and the discussion eventually led to ‘What is the collective noun for a shelf of Trollopes?’ (because, when I reorganised my books alphabetically, by good fortune Trollope ended up all together on the shelf at the top of the stairs.)

This seems like a good game to play on a rainy day, so here are a few literary collective nouns off the top of my head. Anyone got any others?

  1. A bordello of Trollopes
  2. A moue of Maughams
  3. A reticule of Austens
  4. A conclave of Greenes
  5. A scandal of Ravens
  6. A fleet of O’Brians. Obviously.
  7. A Widmerpool of Powells
  8. A chamber of Galsworthys
  9. An incompletion of Martins
  10. A murder of Rankins

And a few more, from various other people:

  • A quest of Tolkiens (colleague at work)
  • A dystopia of Orwells (colleague at work)
  • A confectionery of Prousts (Ms Gee)
  • A disgust of Selfs (Ms Gee)
  • A machismo of Hemingways (Ms Gee)
  • A casket of Jewells (me)
  • A cad of Frasers (colleague)

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4 thoughts on “Literary collective nouns”

  1. Dom – I think a stash of O’Rourkes
    Charlotte – A ‘cottage of Hollinghursts’ made me snort my coffee, and I LOVE ‘cloak of Mantels’. Nice.

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