NaBloPoMo: The one with the flaming nipple tassels

Ha! Thought that would get your attention. I blame this attempt at NaBloPoMo on the Roving Lemon, who reminded me of the whole deal. As I recall, last time I tried this, I failed dismally. But, hey ho. It’s worth a shot. As usual, I’m open to suggestions. NaBloPoMo past is, after all, where Eye Candy Friday came from, and if you think I won’t be disinterring that one you’re sadly mistaken.

Clearly, in order to find something to write about I’m going to have to do more with life than watch back to back episodes of The Wire with the GOM. Um. Well, there’s last week’s burlesque show for starters. Anyone seen a burlesque show before? I didn’t know what to expect, but when the idea came up as we were out for (a slightly drunken) dinner with Ms G and @blackwelloxford, it seemed like a good one.

Fast forward to last Saturday and we rocked up at Coco’s at the Royal Oxford for 8 sharp, dressed smartish,  albeit interpreting ‘smart’ somewhat differently to a load of women for whom it’s apparently synonymous with ‘pile on the lace and feathers’. Still, the cocktails were flowing, the compere was a vision in a red flouncy dress straight from a whorehouse in a Clint Eastwood movie, and the (very, very young) band played competent jazz.

And then there was the burlesque itself, which was… well… kinda boring. I suppose if the semi-naked female form is a particular mystery then it’s a lot more interesting. Certainly the students who made up the band were somewhat challenged to retain their focus; but then, they were sharing a dressing room with the burlesquers. Me, on the other hand, I can see nekkidness any time I want. On the plus side, there were indeed flaming nipple tassels whipping in separate directions, and that’s probably a sight everyone should see before they die.


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2 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo: The one with the flaming nipple tassels”

  1. Hurrah! Very much looking forward to a solid month of Musings. Please consider including a post that I can use to convince DP to commit to watching The Wire – I’ve been working on him for about 2 years, and your review could do the trick.

  2. Nancy – I will do my best. I was reluctant to embark on The Wire too, and now I’m a true convert.

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