On getting organised

Just in from seeing Tom Conti in Rough Justice at the Oxford Playhouse. There’s much food for thought there and I’ll probably come back to it (hell, by the end of NaBloPoMo I’ll be extracting mental matter from the back of the cereal packet), but right now it’s 11.30pm and this is a race against the clock. Will I turn into a pumpkin before I post today’s post?

When I’m not gallivanting at the theatre, I’ve got this feeling that there’s a lot I ought to be doing. It’s definitely a feeling more than a reflection of reality but that doesn’t really matter. Perception is all, right? I’m not exactly busy at work, but I have a lot of small, inter-related tasks to keep track of at the moment; and with moving house coming up pretty quickly too, there’s much the same scenario at home. Partly out of control freakery, and partly because experience suggests that the best way for me not to obsess about minor chores is to write them down, I’m creating lists. I already know I’ve got multiple versions of mostly the same list, but as I can’t stop, I need a master list.

I use TeuxDeux to manage my ‘To Do’ list (shout out to TracieDesigns for that one). Other than paper it’s the only tool I’ve found that works for me and it works because it’s really, really simple. You add a task to a day; you cross it off when you’ve done it (or, of course, if you do something that wasn’t on your list you then add it for the sheer pleasure of crossing that bitch off); if you don’t complete it, the task is automatically carried forward to the next day. You can drag and drop to move things around and there’s also a handy ‘Someday’ section for that stuff that isn’t time sensitive but can’t drop off the radar entirely.

But still, I looked at my list and it had items on it like ‘Wireframes’. Sigh. So I hopped over to 43 Folders for a quick refresher course on creating an effective ‘To do’ list. In total it took me about 15 minutes to read, remind myself of the principles and turn the line items on my list into individual tasks. Overall result: longer list, but spread out over more time and with each task more readily achievable. Bird by bird, y’all.

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I've run out of books. Again.

2 thoughts on “On getting organised”

  1. ZM – I recommend it a lot to people who are getting stressed with how much they have to do. It’s a great book.

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