Friday eye candy

Friday, with a vengeance. Odd how the weeks feel that much longer now that I have to drag my sorry arse into the office on Fridays. Every Friday. Anyway, time to look at pretty things, with which to round off the week and ease into a good weekend.

It’s turned chilly, and thus my thoughts have turned to winter coats. I probably won’t be buying one because I have a perfectly serviceable coat from J-Crew that is still in working order and that I still like. On t’other hand, I own a Z3 and I still eye up the Z4. So.

I love this. For a start, the colour is terrific in this season of dullness. It warms me just to look at it. Then I like the funnel collar, which does away with the need for a scarf. It’s a good shape, and the sleeves are that little bit wide, which means they’d fit over multiple layers. So, Hobbs, if you’d just like to send me one to try out for a bit…?

It is, of course, edging towards party season. Sigh. If this year goes as normal, I won’t have any parties to attend, which is kind of fine by me, but there is the office dinner at a fairly swish locale. I need something dressy to wear and, due to the annual lack of interest in parties, I have nowt. At some point, I’m going to have to stop pulling the jeans, heels and that top I bought in 2009 trick.

After exhaustive online searching, I found this dress. I think we can agree that it’s pretty awesome. Unfortunately, it is also insanely expensive for an item of clothing that will barely make it out of the closet. Even on a cost-per-wear basis (my usual justification for venturing into pricey territory), this is just too much. Life is harsh, y’all. No dress, no accompanying shoes…

But, a pretty thing I do have is a new Penguin clothbound classic version of The Woman in White. For the last couple of Fridays, Penguin have been running flash sales via Twitter. Last week it was 40% discount, this week it was 45%. Well, how any red-blooded bookslut can be expected to resist that sort of temptation, I don’t know. So I didn’t.


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I've run out of books. Again.

2 thoughts on “Friday eye candy”

  1. The coat is lovely – great shape. And that book is glorious – I had no idea that Penguin was running twitter sales, and it’s the first real incentive I’ve had to follow twitter!

  2. Litlove – Blackwell’s runs a Friday competition via Twitter and various publishers do ad hoc offers. It might be worth it.

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