Let’s go with the pretty things

Since the cottage is what is technically known as ‘fucking freezing’ and looks like an explosion in a cardboard box factory, I need warming things to cheer me and distract me. And lo, Banana Republic stepped right into the breach by emailing about new stuff. Screw the-season-that-shall-not-be-named, but what I do appreciate about this time of year are the lovely gifty things and the beautiful colours.

Like this bracelet, which could certainly bring a little glitz to my life. My proper jewellery is all silver but every now and again warmer tones are called for.

Meanwhile, did someone say ‘cashmere’? I lurve me some cashmere, and ok, I already have one cashmere scarf but it’s black and not so long and fluid and comforting as this one.

That colour is apparently ‘saucy red’, and I think we can all get behind that as a choice, n’est ce pas? Thought so.

In which case, staying with the saucy red [someone is going to pitch up at this blog and be very disappointed at where their search terms landed them – Ed.] cashmere theme, what about this sweater dress?

Now, admittedly it is nowhere near the lost sequinned gorgeousness. But, I’d probably wear it about once a week for the rest of winter, and therefore if I did have any money and wasn’t just window shopping, it would be darn near a sensible choice.

Ok, so the fact that I have just taped up a fairly large box of handbags might suggest to the uninitiated that I didn’t need any more bags. ‘Pah’ I say. And also ‘Pfft’. I’ve had a hankering after something orange ever since I returned the beautiful orange chiffon, grecian style summer dress that I bought in a moment of madness on my last trip to NY. Realising that, in fact, I lived in England where hot colours don’t play, I took it back to the store for something more practical. Which turned out to be a good decision given that we had no summer at all this year and even the replacement capri pants and lightweight sweater barely made it out of the closet.

I digress. Back to handbags.

This is such a fab colour, and I know BR do good bags because I keep looking at them and not affording them. I’m not usually a fan of tumbled leather, but d’you know, I’m willing to make an exception in this case.

Small print: Honestly, this post is not sponsored by BR. Although, it could be if they sent me something…


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4 thoughts on “Let’s go with the pretty things”

  1. I could wear that saucy red scarf every day and not tire of it. (Because really, it goes so well with black which is nearly the only color in my wardrobe.) I’ve never had an orange bag before, but one did find its way onto my holiday wishlist. It’s technically a camera bag, but is so cute I would use it for other things too. It doesn’t appear, however, that any of the boxes that have been delivered by UPS thus far (and I have dutifully — painfully — not touched as instructed) are quite the right size for it. There are still a few more days, however.

  2. Poutineandprada – Thanks for stopping by!
    Emily – Honey, get yourself into Philly for a bit of shopping and buy the damn dress. It would look good on you.
    Cam – Hoping that UPS deliver the orange bag for you. If not, then you do know the rule about buying yourself a Christmas present, right?

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