In which I set ridiculously easy goals for 2013

It’s the time of year for good intentions, but given that all I really want is a quiet year, I’m not shooting for anything difficult.

  1. Make sourdough bread (the starter is already underway)
  2. Make lemon curd – inspired by this post from Dovegrey Reader
  3. Make croissants. Because really, how hard can they be?
  4. Revise my MPhil proposal for the OU (I checked with the tutor, and the OU are still interested; and today I got a Bodleian card so I can go back to the lovely, lovely Sackler Library and geek out with the Classics journals).
  5. Do more yoga. This is kind of a perennial aim, but I really can’t keep getting to the end of the year in such an exhausted, stressed state and then losing a week to illness.
  6. Read one Patrick O’Brian book every month
  7. Make at least one trip to the US
  8. Go to more plays. The Oxford Playhouse has a fair range of stuff showing and it’s possible to get very cheap tickets. I should take more of a punt than I do.
  9. Write more letters or postcards  – which shouldn’t be hard given that I barely put pen to paper last year.
  10. Finish vol 3 of Proust.
  11. Do more walking.
  12. Eat more healthily. This isn’t too much of a deal, I just need to break the carbs habit again.

Ok, that’s enough. And I totally reserve the right to change, ignore or abandon this list at whim.


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I've run out of books. Again.

6 thoughts on “In which I set ridiculously easy goals for 2013”

  1. I think 12 is enough even if they are ridiculously easy! I set myself 12 (fairly challenging) goals last year and achieved 4 of them, which is a pretty good success rate, if I am completely honest. Lemon curd is delicious. My grandma used to make it and give us jars of the stuff. I even think we learned to make it at school (as the filling for lemon meringue). It doesn’t seem to fit in with breaking the carb habit though.

  2. Sam – Well done on hitting four goals last year, I think that’s good going. I’ve never thought of lemon curd as being meringue filling, but I think you’re right. Pah, it’s easy!

    Steve – ta for the link, I’ll let you know if there is croissant success or epic fail. Who knows, this could be the beginning of my alternative career as a baker?

  3. Blimey, goal 10 doesn’t strike me as ridiculous OR easy! Bonne chance with that. If I were you, I would prioritize goal 7.

  4. hmm, 12 resolutions is quite a lot but I really do like several of them! I’ve been very on top of my yoga practice thus far this year but I know I need to focus on more protein and fewer carbs…I plan to work on that next week. It’s so easy for those carbs to creep in during the winter and while I’m not anti-carb by any means I also know they can take up the space of much healthier options! Here’s to a very happy new year, friend!

  5. Mr W – I like your thinking.
    Courtney – Well done on the yoga, and good luck with the food. I am failing miserably on that one at the moment, but it’ll happen. And happy new year to you, too!

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