Good things

This may or may not be a new, regular post, depending on how much of a grumpy cow I am. Yeah, all right, I know, you can stick those smart ass comments… Wait… Oh… #fail…

Anyway, as a start, good things of the week, in no particular order. So there:

  1. Purring cats. Charlie has hurt his paw a bit, so is asking for lots of sympathy. The fact that he still climbs and play-fights with Belle says that he’s fine, really.
  2. The sourdough starter that’s looking like it’ll work; and the 2-quart Kilner jar to keep it in. Sunday will be the literal proving.
  3. Dinner with the ever-fabulous Ms G.
  4. My first trip to the Sackler library, in which I got my account sorted out and figured out this year’s printing/copying system.
  5. The fact that it’s light in the morning by the time I leave.
  6. These shoes that I just ordered. In red. Because one day, it will be spring. Oh yes.
  7. The mini-stack of Persephones awaiting my attention, plus the copy of Small Gods that is on the way, and which sort of counts as research. Plus, the illustrated hardback of Gormenghast that is on its way, which totally counts as a gratuitous book-buying treat. Mwah ha ha ha.
  8. A thank you card from my friend Ms H for her Christmas present.
  9. The flowers the GOM bought. He does keep me in flowers, as is only right and proper.
  10. Going to my first yoga class in forever and lasting most of it.

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I've run out of books. Again.

2 thoughts on “Good things”

  1. These are all GREAT things! I am especially fond of the shoes and the yoga (some things never change). I have been doing so well with my yoga practice and now I’ve been felled by a terrible cold and not sure whether I should still practice or not…does it make it better? Worse? Blarg. I feel terrible. I want to eat toast and wallow.

  2. Courtney – I hope you’ve been eating toast and wallowing. The shoes turned out not so great, so I’m returning them, and I missed yoga this week due to adverse weather. Oh well. Hope you’re feeling better!

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