In which I have a sense of humour fail

I didn’t watch the Oscars, and I don’t know who Seth MacFarlane is. But I do know that the song he did was not funny and is not acceptable. I saw it on YouTube. I watched the whole thing in disbelief. I thought I was pretty cynical but when you think about the planning, discussion, approval and rehearsing that must have gone into that material, wouldn’t you, really, have hoped that someone, somewhere along the way might have mentioned that it is the 21st century? Surely even Hollywood, which is so good at pretending, could have made more of an effort to fake equality for a night?

Then we had International Women’s Day, and if anyone wants to know why that’s still needed, see above. I can’t argue that deliberately humiliating a group of actresses is on a par with shooting a girl in the head because she’s advocating education for women, or gang-raping a woman on a bus. I can argue that it’s part of the same continuum. 

In a way, it’s easier to make the point when the offences are more extreme. Over here, in the civilised Western world, we’re maybe arguing about vocabulary and glass ceilings and Oscar performances. It’s minor stuff, right? It’s ‘You’re being over-sensitive, you’re having a sense of humour fail, oh, it’s just harmless fun.’

I’ll get my sense of humour back when women are equal.


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