In which I fantasy shop

Because my car ate all my money. Again. Bitch.

I’m kind of steering clear of summer clothes. Give that there have been precisely fuck all signs of spring so far, I believe in summer to roughly the same extent as I believe in endorphins.

boyfriend jacket This jacket, though, would see me through the alleged spring months and into some actual warmer weather, should there be any. I would totally rock it with jeans and heels, and you know it.
Vintage heels

Speaking of heels, I spotted these over at LK Bennett and I can’t quite get them out of my head. I know, I know, they are wildly impractical. That is what I love about them. Besides, they just found a dual purpose in (a) accessorizing that jacket and (b) generally improving my life.

OwlsTo change tack entirely – owls! I like owls. I want the middle one at the back. I would call him Maximilian the Owl. The cats would not eat him, so he would be even better than a real owl. Probably, a real owl would be impractical and would have to fight Charlie for the mice, so that wouldn’t work.

You know what I found out today? Ann Taylor now ships internationally. Coincidentally, one of my black dresses has died, so I am allowed to lift my self-imposed black dress embargo. I even have the black patent heels to go with this dress already, so it’s basically half price on the grounds that I don’t need new shoes. In fact, if you think about it, I would be robbing myself not to buy it.

dot dress

My sister has a new dog, and he is entirely awesome. While this is great for her, it has reminded me that I would like a dog. Specifically, I would like an Irish wolfhound. I mean, yes, they are a bit big and I’d either have to get another car or teach the dog to drive. But looksy how fabulous they are. A wolfhound would need miles and miles of walking, which would be excellent. Although, now I have seen this picture, I think that maybe the only thing better than one wolfhound is two wolfhounds…



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6 thoughts on “In which I fantasy shop”

  1. Since you mention your lbd dying, can I ask some advice? I need a new black dress for a hen do in London (it’s an lbd themed thing). It has to go from afternoon tea (with champagne) on the river to evening bar wear and it’s gotta be reasonably priced, but since I should be able to wear it a bunch of times not necessarily bargain priced. Suggestions for places to look?

    PS. Get an owl – those are adorable!

  2. Hi Jodie – Ooh, fun! You could try M&S online as a start, they have a bunch of black dresses. Then there is this from Warehouse:
    Or this, which I can see being cute with a sweater and flats for lunch:, and then without and with heels for evening.
    And then there’s this, which looks to me like another classic:

    Happy shopping, anyway, and let me know what you end up with!

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