In which I have nothing much to say

Or, possibly, too much to say, so that the words don’t have room to line themselves up properly in my head because there’s too much jumble in there. I’ll leave the topics to bounce around off each other for a while, then I expect one of them will draw itself to my attention.

Mostly, though, I am just hanging on until my holiday in 15 days and oh so very counting. I am US bound, of course, and It will be the best trip, because it is a combination of going on vacation and going home, and how neat is that? My exciting plan is: to hang out with friends. That’s it. Oh no, wait, I want to sleep a lot too. That really is it.

In the meantime, goodness but don’t the days just keep coming? And there doesn’t seem to be much pause between them, either. But, at lunchtime today, I took my boring M&S lunch and drove to a village with a pretty Norman church. I took the yoga mat from the boot of the car and settled down in the freshly-mown churchyard for an ad hoc picnic in the sun. I kicked off my shoes, and for a few minutes lay back and let the blue, empty sky fill my view and bring me peace.

15 days and counting.


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I've run out of books. Again.

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