In which I’m still here, honest

But, must confess to neglecting the poor blog lately. It’s been a funny old time since I got back from holiday, and so I’ve been hunkering down at Musings Towers and not communicating much with anyone. It’s also been summer, even in Blighty, which has led to many an evening sitting out the back of the house, drinking Pimms and watching the sky gradually fade until the bats come out.

I am, more than ever, grateful that I don’t live in a city, and that instead I drive away from all that, to green fields and stone cottages, peace and seclusion. I am very deliberately engaged in making the house a refuge from the world outside; it’s working so well that I’m increasingly disinclined to leave at all, and Mondays bring on actual anxiety. I have a hunch that I’m building up to having to look at all the stressful events of the last few years and do something other than say ‘I’m fine.’ I just don’t know what. I do know that the current circumstances at work, the details of which are tedious and in any event, nothing out of the ordinary, are both difficult in themselves and the cherry on the icing on the Great Cake of Stress.

Bah. In the meantime, there are still books and walks, Jaffa Cakes and kittens, wine and music, pebbly beaches and coastal paths. So that’s all right, then.Beach walk



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I've run out of books. Again.

3 thoughts on “In which I’m still here, honest”

  1. I love that picture of the beach in your post. I often wish I could go to the seaside soon, and have pictures of it on my desktop at work. Anything to try to not let the stress get to me…..I hope it works out for you, that your haven becomes exactly the thing your soul needs to heal. It’s funny, but I’ve been doing the same thing for the last 8 months at my home – it’s my sanctuary, my safe place, and I love coming home. I don’t want to leave it! That Monday anxiety is very familiar……there are bats here too, aren’t they amazing fun animals? I love watching them.

  2. Susan – That was a lovely bit of beach, although a bit painful on the feet. Glad you’ve got your refuge, too.

    Jodie – 🙂

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