Friday eye candy

Ok, yes, you got me, it’s a lazy post. But I’m easing myself back into blogging with baby steps, and at the moment I’m finding my weeks so gruelling that, come the weekend, I got nuthin’. I know, oh poor me and the hard graft of publishing. Could there be a softer option? Probably not, but balancing on the high wire of client communications is not the best job for a dedicated introvert. I feel as though I’ve run out of words by the end of the day, and I need about a month of hard reading to re-stock.

Anyways, on with the pretty, shiny things. I mean, not that I’ve found them yet but they probably will be. (Trawls teh interwebs for Nice Things.)

Actually, hat tip to my lil’ sis for this one, but I am quite partial to fox type things.normal_hola-fox-scarf

The weather just turned to proper autumn, too,  breezy and chilly but with a bracing clearness to the air. So a warm, cosy and cheerily orangey fox scarf could be just the ticket.

I can’t get into this seaon’s animal jumper thing, because, just, no. But, staying on the fox theme, look what I found at Truffle Shuffle via Domestic Sluttery. Alas, no Danny the Champion of the World t-shirt, but a Quentin Blake Fantastic Mr Fox? Oh, twist my buying arm.


Now that the weather has turned cooler, all right thinking people will be planning how they can stay inside and not leave the house until April. I have stocked up on domestic oil and firewood, the better to create the right, toasty warm conditions for a lot of time spent reading on the sofa. I suggest Elizabeth Jane Howard’s Cazalet chronicles as the perfect autumn to winter reading material.


I am late to the Cazalet party, because for years I’ve been getting Howard confused with Susan Howard, who writes the sort of books I really don’t want to read. The Cazelet chronicles, on the other hand, are right up my street: a cross-generational, upper middle class family saga, including WWII and therefore a barrage of changing mores. I’m up to vol 3, Confusion, and delighted to hear that vol 5 is on its way. I might wear that fox scarf while I’m reading.


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I've run out of books. Again.

3 thoughts on “Friday eye candy”

  1. I want that t-shirt (and, because you have an animal theme going here) and wondering if anyone’s ever done any Richard Scarry t-shirts. Must go see. Meanwhile, looks like I need to meet Elizabeth Jane Howard.

  2. Emily – Who is Richard Scarry? Yes, I think you’d like Elizabeth Jane Howard. She could easily be a Persephone author.

  3. Children’s book author/illustrator I loved as a child. I found a “Lowly Worm” (one of his characters) t-shirt online yesterday, so now I’ll have to work on getting it.

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