In which I make a list

Not that it is exactly news, I run my entire life on lists. In my head, on my phone, via TeuxDeux (the most awesomest online to do list, if you’re looking for one), and on paper. I really don’t think I would ever get off the sofa without a list telling me to do something. So, I was emailing with Mr W, as I do, and yet again he recommended a Bollywood movie, and yet again I said I’d put it on the list of potential films to watch. This has been happening for approximately 8 years. But, have I seen any Bollywood movies at all? No, I have not. So, behold! The list! Of things for 2014.

  1. See a Bollywood movie. [Update: I have added a recommended title to my Lovefilm list; it’s not currently available]
  2. Run 10k – I am idly thinking about running the Town & Gown in May; but equally, I may just run 10k on a treadmill and call this one done. Of course, I have to be able to run that far first, which requires, as a starting point, a running playlist in order to stave off the unmitigated boredom of running for that length of time. All suggestions for a playlist will be gratefully received.
  3. Make a cheesecake – the last cheesecake I attempted was going really well, right up until the point where I burnt it and had to concoct an entirely new dessert for the dinner party from scratch.
  4. Sort out my pensions – ZOMG, I have pension plans all over the place, US and UK, all with roughly £11.73 in them. Currently, I expect to be able to afford to retire about 20 years after I’m dead. This is, perhaps, not the most practical approach. However, I have started a new job (I know, excitement abounds, more anon) so with any luck I can chuck all the paper over to the financial people and they can fix it.
  5. Do a map reading course – I wanted to do this last year but couldn’t spare the holiday time to take a couple of days off mid-week. So, this year it’s definitely back on the list, with a little more urgency because my main walking companion has selfishly buggered off traveling for five months and if I have to rely on myself I’ll probably fall off the edge of the world.
  6. See more theatre – The good thing about the Oxford Playhouse is that tickets are cheap, so you can take a bit of a gamble without risking more than the price of a cinema ticket. I saw a couple of productions last year (Nobulus Dance Company and  Arcadia) that I might not otherwise have bothered with, and both turned out to be excellent evenings. Plus, I saw Richard II at the Barbican just before Christmas and it was absolutely gripping. More, please.
  7. Write more letters – Which I say every year, and every year I mean it, and then I forget. I am not allowed to buy any more stationery until I’ve used what I already have. Anyone want a letter? Let me know.
  8. Listen to Neverwhere – Mr W bought me the CDs of the dramatized version for my birthday and I’ve been holding on to it, in the hopes of a lengthy car journey. What I have now realized is that I don’t live in America any more, and four hours isn’t going to cut it.  On to plan B, which is to listen to a bit every night, as if it were ye olde radio serial. Which, of course, it was. Still. I feel that biscuits will be an integral part of the listening process.
  9. Subscribe to The Economist – Because, really, I can’t keep getting all my news via Twitter. On the plus side, I get the headlines fast; on the minus side, I never get more than the headlines. Also, The Enocomist (as I like to call it), has good cartoons and the occasional snarky photo caption. [Done. I’m a week behind in reading it already.]
  10. Walk the Highline – Guess that means another US trip, huh? That wouldn’t suck.

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I've run out of books. Again.

8 thoughts on “In which I make a list”

  1. Ta. Cycling is more boring than running because it’s too dangerous to listen to audiobooks while cycling.

  2. Funny you mention subscribing to The Economist, my sister mentioned the same thing for the same reasons the other day…I shall have to check it out.

  3. I keep our NY Times print subscription for the exact same reason – i will not become one of those people who only gets news via facebook and twitter – but it would be so easy to succomb…

  4. Steve – I believe you. I find maps fascinating anyway, I just can’t do anything practical with them.

  5. Grid to mag, add; mag to grid, get rid. Nielsen’s rule: 15 minutes per km, plus a minute for every contour climbed.

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