TBR update

My Blackwell’s curated TBR list is working really well so far, and I totally recommend that anyone who has an amenable local bookstore gives this idea a go. It is such fun to get a parcel in the post every month, and the lovely woman who sends out my books also explains why she has chosen them. This month, making the most of a current twofer, she sent me both Tristram Shandy and Tom Jones. They feel like reads for long winter evenings, so I’m holding back on them at least until I finish my current reading projects. (Faerie Queene is going well but slowly, thanks for asking.)

Of course, my non-Blackwell’s TBR list is already growing apace. There are so many good books coming out to tempt me that I’m simply trying to steer clear of the bookshops in case I run amok and return home with another stack of books that won’t fit in the bookcase.

This is what’s top of the list of wants at the moment. Behold my superhuman restraint!

H is for Hawk – Helen McDonald. Probably then followed up by T.H. White’s Goshawk. It always struck me that the scene in The Sword in the Stone where Wart spends a night with the hunting birds is extraordinarily well done. Now I know why.

The Amber Fury – Natalie Haynes. No brainer for a classics geek.

Long Way Home – Eva Dolan. I saw her at a Stories Aloud event and she was hilarious, if also someone you wouldn’t mess with. She read an excerpt from this and it sounded great, so I’m waiting to stumble across it in pb.

The House in Norham Gardens – Penelope Lively. I never read this as a child, but now I live in Oxford and quite often park in Norham Gardens, so I’m surprised I’ve missed this. I’d have snapped it up last time i was in Daunt’s but they didn’t have it. Boo.

Shotgun Love Songs – Nicholas Butler. So lauded, and sounds so right up my street.

The Soul of Discretion – Susan Hill. Which doesn’t even publish until October but has been on my TBR list ever since I heard that it would be out this year. I have loved all the Simon Serrailler books so far, and I almost wish I had the willpower to build up a bit of a backlog on them.

The Miniaturist – Jessie Burton. Which has been personally recommended to me as well being praised by a bunch of people on Twitter whose judgment I trust.


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5 thoughts on “TBR update”

  1. I’ve added the Susan Hill to my amazon book list – I was wondering when the next Simon Serrailler was out, so this is good news! I’ve also added H is for Hawk which isn’t out here yet (next March). It looks so good. And I’ve added The Amber Fury to my reading list. I hadn’t heard about it, and the reviews on Amazon (as much as they can be trusted) at least make it sound like an interesting story. You have such a good reading list here!

    Instead of doing a curated book list, which does sound fun, I let myself buy two books every pay cheque. It’s my way of feeling like I have enough, that I am doing well. Though the curated list does sound interesting….a surprise of books in the mail every month 🙂

  2. Hi Susan
    I guessed it was you! Glad the recommendations were useful. I like your regular book shopping idea. Hope you like The Amber Fury and H for Hawk if you get them.

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