2015 reading plans

Not that I ever stick to a plan, but this is what’s on the TBR shelves at the moment. As well, there are assorted Thrush Green novels but I’ve only read the first and I don’t have the second, and of course I have to read them in order.

  1. Nos4R2 – Joe Hill – I started this over Christmas but I’m not really enjoying it. I can’t tell if that’s down to the pick up, put down way I was reading, the fact that I was ill, or that the story isn’t working for me. It’s reminding me of Lauren Beukes’ The Shining Girls, which I also disliked, so that’s not helping.
  2. The Financial Lives of the Poets – Jess Walters. There’s a bookmark sticking out of the very middle of this. I was finding the narrative voice a bit full on and unappealing, and also characters doing any kinds of drugs and describing the effects on them gives me the major snores. Unless it’s de Quincey. I’ll give it another go because I really liked Beautiful Ruins.
  3. Number 9 Dreams – David Mitchell. Bought on recommendation from Zool at Blackwells, and supposed to be Christmas reading until Christmas was hijacked by the never-ending cold.
  4. The Old Wives Tale – Arnold Bennett. Heard about Bennett on that R4 book programme and tracked this down.
  5. The Goshawk – T.H. White. Bought after I finished reading H is for Hawk. Like everyone else last year.
  6. Station Eleven – Emily St John Mandel. Marcy raved about this to me and I’d never heard of it. Since then, of course, I’ve read at least a couple of great reviews and wondered how I missed it. Hat tip to Marcy!
  7. Mrs Hemingway – Naomi Wood. This has been kicking around on the edges of my notice ever since Naomi Wood was at Stories Aloud.
  8. Tom Jones – Henry Fielding. One of my Blackwell’s monthly books that is as yet untouched.
  9. The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy – Laurence Sterne. Ditto.
  10. Slowly Down the Ganges – Eric Newby. Found at a second hand book stall on a terribly rainy Bank Holiday weekend.

Did I ever finish The Faerie Queen? No, I did not. Going on holiday in September delayed progress, and then I reorganized a few shelves and couldn’t find it for a bit. By which time, I’d lost momentum. I still really want to read it, though, so I’ll aim to get back to my ‘as many quartos as I can at the weekend’ approach. Maybe my new year’s morning weekend ritual can be: make ginger tea, 10 minutes meditation, a bit of The Faerie Queen.

Then there’s Proust, the perpetual elephant in the room. Sigh. In fact, I’m giving up making any commitment to Proust, while I try to figure out my own peculiar reluctance  to vol 3 when vols 1 and 2 were great. It’s either that, or book a weekend in which that’s all I do, in the aim of cracking vol 3… which is actually not a bad idea… hmmm.

So that’s, what, Jan and a bit of Feb taken care of? I shall try not to buy any new books until I’ve finished these (Proust excepted), then I can go on a major binge in February. I win!


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I've run out of books. Again.

5 thoughts on “2015 reading plans”

  1. Charlotte – I like my mix, too. I’ve been reading a lot of contemporary fiction and it’s time to get back to some classics.

  2. I never finished the Faerie Queen, which I stsrted years ago. I like your approach of a little every weekend. Also, I’m very familiar with the never-ending cold (it and then vacation has led me to read mostly such challenging things as Shopaholic and Sister. I’ve begun to buckle down now, though, with a few classics for The Classics Club (just read May Sarton’s fantastic The Small Room), and I’ve got Cloud Atlas now, thanks to your recommendation.

  3. Everyone is talking about Station Eleven, so I’m very curious about it. I can’t get H is for Hawk over here yet, and our library is pretending it doesn’t exist. Amazon says it’s not available. Gah! Sometimes the book world can be so frustrating!

    I didn’t read a single English classic last year, which so depressed me when I realized it on the 3oth that I made up my mind immediately that I was going to read 10 of them this year. We’ll see how I’m doing by June! lol So I sympathize with Proust and Faerie Queene. I have Moby Dick and Les Miserables started two years ago, and I’m not sure the book mark moved in either book last year. Back to starting them again this year. I like the weekend plan 🙂 Happy reading in 2015, Becky.

  4. Emily – I am just back to reading properly again, and blitzed The Old Wives’ Tale in a day, and Mrs Hemingway in an afternoon. Now I’m on Tristram Shandy which I think will slow me down. Colds suck the most, don’t they?

    Susan – send me your address and I’ll send you H is for Hawk. I think it just came out in pb. Station Eleven is just starting to make itself heard about over here. I’ve never read Moby Dick or Les Mis, and I’m not going to. And I wouldn’t beat yourself up about it – give it another go and if you don’t get anywhere, move on. I should take my own advice and apply it to Proust 😉

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