The yellow room

This is the room in my house that acts as the general dumping ground. Currently it houses the crappy bookcases I haven’t gotten rid of yet, the printer, filing, hiking boots, shopping bags, cat food and the vacuum cleaner. Basically, all the stuff that doesn’t have a place elsewhere. It’s the room equivalent of that kitchen drawer that holds everything from tea lights to sellotape to batteries. Which is a shame, because if I took all that rubbish out, I’d have the bones of a great room. It just needs a purpose.

The walls are entirely painted in pale yellow, and it has a warm yellow tiled floor, and a cathedral ceiling.  Patio doors lead onto the paved area at the back of the house, and there’s a view out over fields. If you look closely at that tree on the left, there’s a red kite in it. He likes to hang out there and call, and eat whatever he’s caught.

View out over the fields


Winter fields

I keep thinking how lovely it would be to sit in the yellow room in summer, with the doors open and the cats lying around in the sun.

The kittens of evil pretending to be innocent

So I have a vision, which I’m considering turning into a project. Let’s face it, I need more bookcases (I always need more bookcases) and I’ve been checking to see if it’s possible to paint over horrible laminate. And do you know, it is? You just have to sand the hell out of it first. Sanding and painting I can definitely handle, so I think that’s a starting point. Those nasty, dark bookcases are turning white, and they’ll stop being spare parts and they will house (and hide) most of the junk.

And then I need a chaise longue, which I can buy with the money I’m not spending on new bookcases:


And a rug:

Scion fox rug


And a lamp:



And some cushions



And then I’ll have a summer room for reading and lounging around and drinking tea, and what could be better than that?


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I've run out of books. Again.

8 thoughts on “The yellow room”

  1. you must do this!!!! u have the vision. make it so! awesome view, yellow rocks…u have stunning taste….yeah…go girl….of course…send us the after pix that i can look at while i sit in my comfy chair not doing any of the projects i should be doing…
    easier to cheer u on. thanks for the view…enjoy…quinn

  2. Good vision, go for it. If feeling very lazy, I think some chalk-based paints can go over laminate without much prep. They advertise it as going over most stuff without sanding. I’ve used autentico on dark varnish and (orange) varnished pine without any sanding and so far so good. Though found it much better with the brushes they sell than with the cheap ones I already had! Then you finish it with wax polish or varnish it. It’s not the shiniest of looks, but it is quite quick and easy! Rx

  3. Oh, I’m working on our equivalent of that room as well – third floor, front room – only I’m turning it into a playroom for the kids with the hopes of getting the easel out of the dining room, the train tracks out of the living room, and etcetera. I threw away my first thing yesterday and I am liberated! My inspiration is something like this:

  4. Quinn – Thanks! If it progresses, I’ll post an update.

    Ruth – Nice tip about the chalk based paint, thanks. I don’t care about shiny, I just need to hide dark laminate.

    Courtney – That’s lovely. I plan to throw some stuff away at the weekend as well, and at least do a bit more organization of what is there.

  5. I really like your plan. Really, really like it. I love my sun room, and the main rooms in my house are a yellow gold. You will not regret repurposing that junk room one minute, I promise!

  6. Reading with tea – It’s looking pretty likely. I had a bit of a tidy up already, which has helped. My main storage problem is where to put the vacuum cleaner – there is nowhere in the whole house it could go due to general lack of inbuilt storage – but then I remembered there’s a workshop that makes bespoke furniture out of reclaimed wood for very reasonable prices. So I think I’ll get those guys to make me a cupboard for the cleaning stuff.

    Whatsheread – Thanks! I think it’s a goer. I’ve decided I don’t need a horse riding break in the spring, I’ll use the money to sort the room out instead. Then I will use it for the currently also hypothetical ‘Proust reading weekend’.

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