A bed, a bed, my kingdom for a bed

Alas, The Vision has been slightly scuppered by an unanticipated need to buy a new bed. This is because the current owner of the bed I’m using needs it back. That was always the deal, so is totally fair enough and if the timing isn’t ideal for me, well, these things never are. I have noticed over the years that people don’t run their lives for my convenience. No doubt it’s an oversight, of course, but it’s a darned prevalent one. Curse everyone.

My immediate instinct was just to get something cheap and quick. But, I decided when I moved back from the US that I wasn’t buying interim furniture anymore. I did that for years when I was moving regularly, always with the intention that when I was a grown up with my own house I’d get the good stuff. And then I did, and then I left most of it in the US, so that was pointless.

Bed shopping was turning out to be depressing. I wouldn’t contemplate anything other than wood, by which I don’t mean ‘mostly wood but these bits are veneer’. Veneer. Even the word is horrible and always summons up for me the nasty mahogany veneer furniture I grew up with. My mum was very proud of it; it made my teeth itch.

After reviewing countless websites, all of which had much the same product ranges on them, I bethought me how sites get those top search rankings in the first place, and I started looking further afield. Yes, I ventured beyond the first two pages of Google results, which is often where the more interesting stuff is found.

Option (a) then. Can the guys at Chiltern Wood Recycling, who made me a bookcase out of recycled wood last summer, turn their hands to a bed? Still waiting for an answer on that one and I’m not particularly hopeful. It seems bed-making is a bit more of a craft than knocking together even a very well-built bookcase.

Opton (b): plain, simple, solid and made up in Derbyshire by Indigo Furniture. Also, I can get a locally made mattress to go with it. Also, they deliver and assemble. Might seem a small thing but it’s a crucial consideration for me because there is no way I could assemble a bed. At all. Even better, depending on when the sale ends, I might be able to fit in a fact-finding mission to the showroom in Matlock, which is not at all far from friends of mine. Suddenly, silver linings abound.


Author: musingsfromthesofa

I've run out of books. Again.

5 thoughts on “A bed, a bed, my kingdom for a bed”

  1. Good luck! I would love a new bed just because I’m ready to go up to a king-sized bed. You will definitely have to post pictures when you choose one and have it all set up!

  2. thank u for ‘veneer’….erggg….ick….i’m from new england and if it’s not solid mahogany…well it’s not wood thank u very much. so thank u for putting the ‘truth’ out there…speak it!
    and of course…flowers next to the bed…good hunting…(and i always say ‘let the professionals do it’, that would mean..i ain’t putting together a bed when i could be reading or snacking)…
    thank u for blogging….quinn

  3. Whatsheread – I’m definitely going for kingsize, or the cats would squeeze me out!

    Emily – *wistful sigh for ‘the chair’* I’m pretty happy with a made in Britain option for the bed, though.

    Litlove – I’ve decided it’s an adventure. Off to Matlock this weekend to view similar products. They don’t have the four poster in, I checked, but I can see other beds in the same range. Then put the order in (before the sale ends) and wait for it to be built.

    Quinn – Oh yes, I’m all in favour of letting the professionals do it rather than me making a hash of it.

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