This running malarkey

Despite the fact that I hated every single second of the Oxford 10k back in May, I’ve committed myself to running the Blenheim 10k in October. So, same distance but with some gentle, rolling hills for added unpleasantness. Of course, I’ve slacked off all training since May and haven’t tried running anything other than 6k tops. So why am I doing this again?

Even I don’t know. The best answer I can come up with is that I think I ought to be able to run that distance, and so I should run it. And my time for my first 10k was slower than I thought it would be, which is niggling at me. So I should be able to run it faster. Based on… well, nothing at all.

Getting back up to the distance just requires me to buy some willpower, find some music and I’d really like better headphones. But there is general agreement that to get my time down requires interval training. This scares me, because it’s hard work and what I actually really want is the result without the effort.

And yet. Today I hit the treadmill and did about 10-12 minutes of intervals in a half hour of running, and it was bloody hard work, but I can really see how it will make a difference. There are probably fringe benefits like you get to eat more chips, too.

So here I am, caught in a mental trap of my own devising and now forced to put some effort into achieving stupid goals that I’ve set for myself. I don’t understand me. Do real runners think like this? Is every single run still a battle for them?

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