10k and out

My love/hate relationship with running has hit another milestone, in that today I finished my second 10k. Today’s run was a vastly improved experience compared to the previous one, which I ran in May. Although I failed signally to do any interval training that might have knocked a few minutes off my time, I’ve definitely been running faster on a treadmill. Back in the real world I obviously defaulted to lazy pace, which was why I felt comfortable all the way round. I didn’t wear a watch or have any kind of time tracking device than the chip, so I mostly stopped thinking about time. The first marker I saw was the 3k, which was a pleasant surprise. At 5k it still felt easy, 6k and 7k slipped by almost unnoticed and then it was the home straight.

It helped that it was a beautiful autumn day and I was running through Blenheim. I’d trained there a handful of times and adjusted to the shock of its rolling hills after Oxford’s all round flatness. That Capability Brown knew a thing or two about landscaping, eh? I’ve also gotten used to the fact that even several months after purchase, at around 5k my not so new trainers give me blisters in exactly the same place every time.

It also helped that I’d already decided that I never need to do this again. Running for an hour at a time is just too boring, the training is too difficult to fit in and about 97% of the time, I actively dislike it. I’ve never come up with a reason other than ‘I think I ought to be able to’ and now I can. So I can stop.


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