In which I am buying a house

I know. I never expected that to happen, either. But, yet again, life’s been moving pretty fast around here and the unexpected need to find somewhere to live has trumped the desperate desire for a new job. Plus, my hopeless boss left a couple of weeks ago and things immediately got better. Now my immediate aim is to stay employed for long enough to get a mortgage and mortgage payment insurance.

Gifted with the opportunity to pay Oxfordshire rent solo again, I decided to explore my options. Somewhat to my surprise, if I’m prepared to head northwards, to the land of affordable housing, I have savings that amount to a deposit. Not remotely to my surprise, mortgage payments on the sort of amount I’ve got a deposit for are the same as rent down here.

Fuck me. I’m buying a house. I mean, I’m still looking at the moment, but only because I’m trying to be a grown up and not grab the first house I liked. But there is also a very viable contender for the long term role of Musings Towers. It has original beams and a wood burning stove, parking and a garage and a garden. It has three small bedrooms, the third of which would become a walk-in closet. Ladies… adequate shoe and handbag storage is within my grasp.

The move out date agreed with my current landlords is the end of June, and I’m glad I organised that. They put this house on the market on Monday and it sold to the first people who viewed it, last night. So there’s time enough, I think, to get it right. To finally find the place where the cats and I will stay.


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7 thoughts on “In which I am buying a house”

  1. Been reading your blog for years. I love your writing style. Not even sure how I found your blog!

    Anyway, all the best with the house hunt!

  2. Hi Donna! I love it when a reader makes themselves known. Thanks for sticking around with me, and thanks for the good wishes. I made an offer on the house I already saw and it’s been accepted so now it’s fingers crossed for the mortgage application.

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