This week…

I have been mostly:

Finding out… more about being INTJ. I’ve done various personality type questionnaires for employers over the years and I am officially: INTJ, High Red, or Blue depending on which methodology you prefer. They mostly all amount to the same thing but because lockdown has surprised even me with my near total lack of need for face to face engagement with Other People, I’ve been digging into the introvert stuff a bit more. So, yeah. All of it. This is totally helping me understand why some people claim to be introverts and then, after a mere day or two of their own company, are galloping off to be sociable. Amateurs. It’s also helping me understand why I feel like it’s so rare I meet people who are like me, and that’s because INTJ women are around 0.5% of the world’s population and therefore 99.5% of the world is fucking weird. Well, that’s how I read it.

Listening to… Junkyard Dogs by Craig Johnson. Which is Book 4 in the Walt Longmire series. I have the impression it’s a bit of a disjointed narrative, but that’s down to me listening to it before I go to sleep and missing bits. I’m getting slightly impatient with Walt’s lack of communication with Vick, but hey, if Evanovich can spin out the Steph/Ranger thing over a gazillion books in which he mostly rocks up and just says ‘Babe’, anything is possible.

Eating… randomly. I hate the grocery store and only shop every 2 weeks, so supplies were running low. I totally ran out of chocolate biscuits, for example, and had to cold turkey through the 9.30-10.30 biscuit slot in my working day. But I made stuffed peppers last night and have leftovers tonight, and then later I’m making blueberry cinnamon breakfasty things.

Watching… Fred Astaire movies. The BBC has a few available, and I’ve been watching them in bits at lunchtime. Every, single line is perfect when he dances and it makes me realise that even the professionals on Strictly can’t get close.

Reading… don’t remember. Anything? The problem is that I re-read my Ava Lee novels (Ian Hamilton) last weekend, then ordered the next two, but the fourth one has arrived before the third. And the next Ava Lee is what I want to read, so I’m just waiting. If you don’t know, Ava Lee is a Chinese-Canadian accountant who specialises in getting back vast amounts of people’s lost money, usually when it’s been lost in some kind of dodgy way. She is smart and pragmatically kick ass. Oh yes, I remember, I finished The Left Hand of Darkness, LeGuin is a genius, end of discussion. And I dipped into The Mabinogi (beautifully done by Faber poetry) and also into the second vol of Garth Nix’s Abhorsen trilogy for a bit of night time re-reading.

Wishing… that I did all my laundry when it was still sunny. Did I forget what country I live in? Oh, the irony of getting mint and lemonade in my grocery collection in order to make Pimms, when I spent today under a blanket. As it’s currently set to be wet or humid or both for the next 10 days, I dug out the electric dryer again. England at near mid-summer everyone, smelly laundry and wet cats.

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I've run out of books. Again.

10 thoughts on “This week…”

  1. As a fellow INTJ (53/35/35/53) I agree, most of those who claim to be introverts are complete amateurs and the rest of the world is totally weird. The trouble is, most people think it’s me 😉.

  2. Card carrying, top of the class healthy introvert! All these articles bout how we should b kind n sympathetic to extroverts in lockdown…I say…screw em! That’s the way introverts have to live all the time, squirming in extroverts narcissistic company. Having a blast and glad there r others enjoying OUR time also. Rock on kids

  3. Love this, Quinn, and I’m not sympathetic either. It’s an extroverts world most of the time, they can quit whining.

  4. Brilliant…. I’m going to introduce a biscuit slot to my “everyday”!!!

    I’ve worked (commuted) all through lockdown, and can feel building irritation at even having to re negotiate the fast lane on the motorway as the world slowly “re-starts”. I wonder if there are any small, reasonably priced, islands for sale?!

  5. I can imagine. The few times I’ve been anywhere, even the A1 has been tolerable. Driving could be fun while the roads are empty. I hadn’t got as far as looking for islands, but I definitely Googled ‘where is the most remote place in the UK?’. Inverie, in Scotland, in case you wondered 😉

  6. Read a good piece somewhere about introverts coping with lockdown better than extroverts. I did like your plans for Pimms being thwarted by the weather!

  7. I was once talking to someone from California who just didn’t understand why Brits always made plans and then said ‘… but if it’s raining, we’ll do this instead.’ Then he moved here 😉

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