This week 2…

Go me with the creative titles. Anyway, I have been mostly…

Reorganising my study… because I had a make do storage thing that was formerly a vegetable rack but was holding stationery and the printer. All of a sudden I couldn’t bear it any more. I don’t use the printer much (once a week for printing out my Greek homework so I can then decode my tutor’s cryptic comments and try to correct my myriad errors) but it does need to be accessible. I have searched and searched for non-horrible storage units and they are to be found if you want to spend £4,000 on a vintage steamer trunk. Don’t tell me about Argos and Wayfair and Dunelm. I try. I really do. I just can’t. Instead, I have shoved the printer under the armchair, discovered an old wicker basket that is just the right size for printer paper, and a second that now holds all the chargers. I’ve topped off the small pile of wicker baskets with a vase of dried lavender.

Reorganising my kitchen… because simultaneous with being unable to bear my study, I couldn’t bear some of my kitchen storage either. There is a ridiculous narrow cupboard that was wide enough for one bottle of wine but I’ve moved baking trays and cooling racks into it, and my wine rack into the spot previously used by the baking trays and now it all makes much more sense. Bonus points to me because the wine rack was formerly in the study, and now there’s room up there for the floor lamp I will need when it starts to get dark earlier.

Finding a handyman… as we all know by now, I am useless for all practical purposes. This means that the small household fixes start to pile up until I find someone who can do them. And lo! I have found someone to change my wall lights, fix the oven door, fix the light behind the mirror in the bathroom and lay new flooring in the dressing room. Also, he gave exactly the advice I wanted about my fridge, which was to get rid of it.

Still re-reading… because I’m still waiting for that Ava Lee book to arrive. I read The Lark, by E. Nesbitt, which has reminded me that I should explore more of her adult novels. And I re-read The Godwulf Manuscript by Robert Parker, which has reminded me to put more effort into finding the rest of the Spenser novels. But it’s a bit like constantly snacking and I need a proper, mental three-course meal. Oh gods, is it time to try Proust again?

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I've run out of books. Again.

4 thoughts on “This week 2…”

  1. I know exactly what you mean when you talk about “a proper, mental three-course meal” to the extent that I’ve been thinking about signing up for another degree in the autumn. The only thing that’s putting me off at the moment is the cost; who knows what our finances are going to be like when/if all this is over?

  2. Ha! I know that temptation all too well, as I did the first year of a degree in Law/Psychology about 3 years ago, but found undergrad not challenging enough. But it’s also why I picked up Ancient Greek last autumn, pushed to get to GCSE for this summer and am now working through the A-level syllabus… I have weekly lessons with a private tutor, so if you can think of something where that might work for you, it’s a lot cheaper than a degree. No qualifications, but for me, they’re a by-product of the learning, not the objective.

  3. Just what’s needed…luv hearing of your day to day organizing etc…adds some peace to my mind over here in states all crazy….your blog is always welcome, more so now. Thanks

  4. There’s plenty of day to day organising! I’m sorry to hear all the news out of the US, it must be so strange to be Iiving through it.

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