In which I leave the house

It’s occurred to me that I should make some attempt to rehabilitate myself back into society, against future need. I’m sure work will yank me back in to some awful team day or another soon enough, so I thought I should practice being around people.

I went to the seaside for the day. Or rather, I went to Wells-Nowhere-Near-the-Sea, where the tide was out and showing no inclination to pop back in while I was there. The trip did let me tick a few seaside essentials off the list. I had chips, although in full disclosure, I had posh chips at a sitting down place, because the queue for the chippy looked too much like hard work. And I spent £2 on tuppenny waterfalls, but the amusement arcade was really busy and even louder than they usually are. By the time my money was gone, I was glad to leave.

Public spaces are exhausting. That’s not news to me, but after 16 months of quiet, it’s a shocker just how loud people are. The noise is inescapable and almost physically abrasive. Wells was only quite busy, but a couple of hours of it all was overwhelming. So then I wandered around the mostly deserted residential streets and looked at the profusion of hollyhocks with which the town was bedecked. I wouldn’t have though I knew what a hollyhock was, but the word was sitting right there in my mind, ready to leap out when needed. So satisfying when word and thing come together.

After which, I’d had quite enough of being out and I fled home to the glorious peace and solitude. The problem is, I don’t really want to be out of the house. What’s in it for me, now that I’ve spent more than a year reinforcing my staying-in habit? There has to be purpose, and it has to outweigh the not-being-in-the-houseness (there’s probably a German word for that).

Fortunately, today’s jaunt has dual purpose: to see my sister, even though we saw each other in April and said then ‘See you in November’; and to see what Blackwell’s has to offer in the second hand Greek texts section. I need all the tragedies, because woman cannot work from translations alone. I forgot to say that I decided to take the money I’m not spending on petrol and apply for a PhD next year, so I’m prepping to come up with a topic.

So off I go, again.

Author: musingsfromthesofa

I've run out of books. Again.

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