In which I do not get what I want

‘What?’ you cry, outraged. ‘But how can this be?’ We at Musings Towers are equally baffled, but resigned to the exigencies of fate.

It simply turns out that the groves of academe are not for me, or at least not this time round. I got the nicest of rejection emails: close, but no PhD. To be honest, it was not entirely a surprise since the decision was expected to be made last week and I didn’t hear a peep. So I was sort of prepared for it. I am welcome to put together my own research proposal and submit it to the department; unfortunately in those circumstances I’d have to self-fund, and that ain’t happening. With funding and a part time job I thought I could keep my head above water. Without funding, not so much.

I’m not sure what I will do now. There are various Plan B related strands to pick up, but I think over the next few days there’s a lot of sleeping to be done, because I’m exhausted! It is possibly also time to stop living on a steady diet of stress and Special K. And also to do some flat hunting for reals, since I have to move in about a month. Blimey.

All will be well and all will be well, because that’s generally what happens. But one final thing: Hey, Fate? You’d better have something good lined up, bitch, else there is trouble going down.