In which I am lured back by autumn clothes

To recap: I don’t do summer well. Spending most of your life in England, there’s really never much call for getting to grips with summer couture. Mostly, you just take your jacket off for 10 minutes, then the sun clouds over again and the temperature drops 5 degrees. However, by the end of my time in the US, and under the expert mentorship of Zoesmom, I like to flatter myself that I was starting to get the hang of summer clothing. After 6 years, I’d bought a pair of shorts, for example.

But, it is autumn clothes that set my little heart a-flutter, a vestige of September’s back to school excitement, with its new-uniform-and-schoolbag ritual. The edible colours and the richly sensual textures are so much more satisfying than the lightweight pastels of summer that I’m incapable of walking through a store without stroking the clothes and feeling my Amex card twitch in my wallet. Give me dark green, navy, taupe, rich brown, plum, charcoal and magenta, particularly if you’re offering it up in wool or tweed. Seriously. Gimme. And, you know, you’re right: I do need a new bag to go with that… Bring out your shiny leather or your butter soft suede.

I was flicking through Red¬†before my hair appointment last night (Ooh, newsflash, have had hair chopped. Not short short by my standards, but all that face clutter has gone. Is such a relief. Can’t be arsed with a photo, just imagine me gorgeous and gamine.) and I saw these red patent brogues from John Lewis:

Lovely, no? With skinny jeans or cropped trousers. Available in my size? Also no. So that set me off on a hunt for something similar. Given the paucity of shoe shops in England (pauses for brief moment of US shopping nostalgia), that meant Hobbs. So, not a brogue, but pretty close, and the colour is good. I may have to check these out in person tomorrow.

Of course, a woman’s got to have something to wear with new shoes, and if the retail advice for the season is ‘Get a miniskirt’, then who am I to argue? (I do hear Stacy from ‘What Not to Wear’ saying ‘No miniskirts over the age of 35’, while Clinton rolls his eyes; and in my head I’m saying ‘La la la, I can’t hear you’.)

So, over to Jigsaw, first for a pretty reasonably priced tweed with a bit of sparkle to it:


and then for a pretty ridiculously priced frilly thing. I’m almost certain I wouldn’t buy this for me, unless¬†Jigsaw have worked magic with the cut and the size 8 runs small, but I bet it looks cute on someone. Who is 10+ years younger. Whatever, I still like it.

There’s also this, which is Jigsaw by way of AllSaints (but half the price), and a definite nod to the 80s. Could be fun, could be ghastly, requires actual rather than virtual review.

And, erm, well, I am missing a brown bag since I gave the Kate Spade one I never used to SD, who uses it a lot. Which is very satisfying to see. But leaves a brown bag shaped hole in my closet, n’est ce pas? Three guesses what I’m doing tomorrow, my poppets…