The reading that might come after…

As my monthly delivery of O’Brians is about to run out, I have given my TBR list to Blackwells, so that they can send me one book a month forever. Or, until roughly the end of 2016. This means that I can now get on with all the fun of creating a new list, sans guilt at ignoring the stuff that had already been on the list for literally years. It also means I get a surprise in the post every month. And, in an effort to read more non-fiction, I gave Euan at Blackwells carte blanche to chuck in a non-fiction title if he thinks I really have to read it. This will, of course, supplement, not replace the monthly book off my list. I so totally win.

Meanwhile, my new, non-Blackwells TBR list is building, slowly…

  1. Winter – Christopher Nicholson. Although I’m unsure about this one after a couple of dodgy reviews.
  2. Printer’s Devil Court – Susan Hill. Actually, as well as my TBR list I should just have everything by Susan Hill sent me as soon as it arrives. I must catch up on some backlist, too.
  3. Lost for Words – Edward St Aubyn. Due out some time in 2014.
  4. She Left me the Gun – Emma Brocks.
  5. The Night Guest – Fiona MacFarlane.
  6. Tigerman – Nick Harkaway.
  7. Ritual Lighting – Carol Ann Duffy
  8. Dear Thief – Samantha Harvey
  9. The Life of Cardinal Wolsey
  10. The Moor – William Atkins
  11. The Brethren – Robert Merle
  12. You Should Have Known – Jean Hanff Korelitz
  13. Vigilante – Shelley Harris
  14. The Widow’s Confession – Sophia Tobin
  15. The Small Room – May Sarton
  16. Getting Colder – Amanda Coe
  17. Weightless – Sarah Bannan
  18. Vain Shadow – Jane Hervey
  19. All Together Now – Gill Hornby
  20. The Folded Clock – Heidi Julavits
  21. The Outrun – Amy Liptrot
  22. Did You Ever Have a  Family – Bill Clegg
  23. American Housewife – Helen Ellis
  24. Exposure – Helen Dunmore
  25. After the Last Dance – Sara Manning
  26. Five Rivers Met on a Wooded Plain – Barney Norris
  27. Tales of Persuasion – Philip Hensher
  28. The Pier Falls – Mark Haddon
  29. Daughter of the Wolf – Victoria Whitworth.
  30. The Girls – Emma Cline
  31. A Way through the Woods – Nigel Balchin.
  32. Magician – Raymond E Feist. Suddenly really want to read this again.
  33. Men Explain Things to Me – Rebecca Solnit. Because I finally read A Field Guide to Getting Lost and now I want to read more Solnit.
  34. The Severed Streets – Paul Cornell.
  35. Who Killed Sherlock Holmes?- Paul Cornell.
  36. First Love – Gwendoline Riley.
  37. A Separation – Katie Kitamura.
  38. The Water Rat of Wanchai – Ian Hamilton.
  39. Sirens – Joseph Knox.
  40. The Girl Before – JP Delaney.
  41. Maplewood – Cherie Priest.
  42. The Witchfinder’s Sister – Beth Underdown.
  43. Whiskey from Small Glasses – Denzil Meyrick.

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