8 Random Things

I love memes. So much easier than thinking something up oneself. Here are my eight pieces of mental flotsam and jetsam.

1. Money trickles through my hands like water, particularly if there are books, shoes or handbags around.
2. Despite being a vegetarian for 24 years, I cannot bring myself to replace leather goods with leatheralike goods. They just don’t feel and smell the same.
3. I’m a dilettante who has brief bursts of interest in topics but can’t make up her mind what to follow through on. Some examples from this year: Italian, Metaphysical Poetry, early British military campaigns in India…
4. I am lazy. Probably relates to #3.
5. I like baking more than cooking and I bake a wicked chocolate chip cookie.
6. I once drove the wrong way down a dual carriageway.
7. Apparently, I have a range of food habits that are not shared by others: I don’t like mixing hot food with cold food, or wet food with dry food.
8. I’m an automatic etymologist – as soon as I hear a new word, part of my brain attempts to discover any classical origins it may have.



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I've run out of books. Again.

4 thoughts on “8 Random Things”

  1. I’m a dilettante, too, which is really frustrating. I’d love to be one of those people who knows one or two things really, really well.

    And I agree. You bake a WICKED chocolate chip cookie. You should be very proud.

  2. One of the reasons behind starting the MA was so that I would know at least something about a specific subject again. And now I have to wrench my concentration into place to work on the same play day after day. Ah well.
    It’s been ages since I baked cookies. I should probably practice…

  3. I agree that you should practice those chocolate chip cookies. I am a very good judge…

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